Don't know what to wear?

Our Costume Stylists are here to help and will understand your needs first.
Here are the questions for us recommend better.

1) What is the Theme of your Event?
2) When is your Event?
3) Do you want to be Comfortable/ Outstanding/ Funny/ Co-ordinated with your group of friends?
4) Do you have a rough budget that you're working with?
5) Are you looking to plan for your company and want to know more about our Costume-on-the-move/ Costume Truck Services?


    We'll bring our costume house to your event for a fun & fuss-free Costume Experience. Let us tailor your very own customized costume event for you.

    Our truck also transforms into a mobile changing vehicle for various filming and production needs.

    Hit us up for any wacky idea that you have in mind!


    Standard Bundle ($288) 
    - 6pax minimum, top up $48/additional pax
    - Props and minor alterations
    - Free costume return pickup
    - Select any normal range costume ($48-$64)

    Premium Bundle ($699) 
    - 5pax minimum, top up $138/additional pax
    - Props and minor alterations
    - Free costume return pickup
    - Select any exclusive range costume ($80-$250)

    Get Inspired


    Make your birthday/ anniversary/ bachelorette party celebration memorable and laugh your hearts out together. Book our private costume photobooth experience with professional makeup artists.

    All inclusive at $888 (2pax)
    For a half day session, each person gets to choose any costume from our extensive costume collection, receive complementing makeup before snapping as many photos as possible in character. You'll get to keep both the printed copies as well as your digital copies.

    Find out more

Choose a Character and be Transformed


Hello there, we're a local costume house that has been around for twenty five years. We've got your back - even if you're completely clueless about what to wear. Simply share your needs with us and we'll be happy to comb through our extensive collection to shortlist suitable options for you.

We want you to enjoy dressing up and forget about all your worries wth us! Simply holla our seamstress if anything needs a little touch-up or tightening - it's part of our service. We also take pride in providing you with clean and nice smelling costumes.

We believe that each dress up is an opportunity for you to live your moment and create unique memories for yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, we have built our costume rental community by carefully crafting durable costumes to encourage you to reduce the amount of buy-and-throw-away situations in the name of Parties and Fun :P

Once again, Thank You for choosing our Costume House.