How to Rent a Costume? 

  • Browse our site for costume ideas by searching for keywords.
  • Drop by our costume house for a fitting and confirm your costume choice by paying for it and the costume will be set aside for you with your name. You may collect the costume one day before your event day. Then return the next operating day and we will take care of the laundry. (i.e. Mon-Wed or Fri-Mon) 
  • Order Online by selecting the date and checking out. Our team will be in touch with you over WhatsApp the next working day to confirm the availability, sizing and delivery arrangements (via Grab/ La La Move for small orders).
    Note: CCM Costume reserves the right to replace the order with a similar alternative as we do not do cash refunds once you place your order. 

How long is the rental period? 

  • By default, most rentals are 3 day (take today, go for event tomorrow and return the day after).
  • You may choose to collect early or extend your rental with a top up fee.

What are the Rental Pricing?

  • Range starts from $48/ set (averagely, most costumes are about $80/set).
  • By default, all pricing seen on the website are for the set (inclusive of accessories, subject to availability upon confirmation) for 3 days rental (take today, attend your event tomorrow and return the following day). 
  • For extended rentals, select the costume of your choice and select the relevant period on the calendar to see the discounted extended rental pricings. 

How do we ensure that the costume fits?

  • Refer to CCM Size Guide above as a general guide line for a regular fit, allowing for slight variations of our costumes
  • We do provide an alteration service, subject the material of the costume, if it allows for adjustments.
  • For popular costumes, we tend to have more than one size.
  • Our costume stylists are also able to recommend alternative costumes of similar styles in a different size.

What is the Refundable Deposit for? 

  • As a rental service, our costume collection is very precious. We need to protect our costume collection and ensure that our clients return the costumes after their party. Hence, a minimum of $100 is collected for every set of costume that is taken out of our Costume House. 
  • The logic is that, the Refundable Amount has to be significant (more than a Grab fee to our shop) to ensure that the costume is returned. 

Can I cancel my Order? 

  • Please share with us the reason for your Costume Cancellation and we will see how we can best assist on a case by case basis. 
  • However, do note that we do not do cash refunds. Exception of full/ 50% credits will be made for reasons our management deem as unforeseen.

Can I change my costume after confirmation? 

  • We highly discourage costume changes after confirmation.
  • If a costume change is required, an additional $10 admin fee will be charged.

Do we allow walk-ins?

  • Yes, you may drop by anything during our operating hours, even during lunch time to collect, select, fit or return your costume(s). 
  • We do appreciate a heads up if you're arranging or a group visit to our store, that way we can ensure that we can provide enough attention to you guys. 

Do we Sell Costumes? 

  • We can sell from our rental collection, however, the costumes will not be brand new. 
  • Alternatively, you may get in touch with the team to customize a set to fit your body measurements for purchase (lead time: 4-6 weeks, otherwise express fees will apply).
  • We also take in orders for Group Performers such as Theatre, School SYF: School Band/ Choir/ Dance/ etc and School Graduations.

Do we have Bulk Discounts? 

  • Yes, for an order of more than 10 sets, reach out to us and we'd also be happy to customize a special promo code just for your event. 
  • We also offer additional service perks for large orders of more than 20 sets.