CCM Costume Concierge Service
Start off with a Styling & Fitting consultation by costume experts based on your event theme.

We will then follow-up with managing the timeline of your event & compilation of your group's costume sizes alongside our standard size chart to reduce inconsistency for fittings, ensuring the proper logistics management for your costume procurement from size selection to shipping arrangements.

Finally, we will ensure the quality checks such as stitching & working buttons, etc. as well as alterations to be done before your event day, where you can finally go off and be fabulous!

What does the service include?
Receiving themed suggestions
A styling consultation
Size chart run through
Compiling the group's size list
A timeline breakdown proposal
Costumes are procured online with respective delivery
Checks on costumes + minor alterations

How do we charge?
Online Price ($x) + $25/set


Don't have time to drop by? We can bring the CCM Costume Experience to you!

Presenting... CCM Costume On-the-move Services!

We'll bring down any of our costumes (yes, even our premium ones!) to your office for a styling & fitting session during a pre-allocated time about 2 weeks before your event date.

After the fitting session, each confirmed costume will be labelled & alterations as well as additional styling pieces may be requested for afterwards. For our standard & premium package, we will also manage & record any additional arrangements post-fitting day for those who were unable to make it, or would need anything extra.

Once the costumes are ready, we will arrange the delivery & collection of the costumes from your venue/office!

Here is an overview of the various packages:  

CCM Costume Rental Team