Tell Your #LoveStory

Imaginative & Unforgettable



Dressing up is a form of imaginative play.

An episode where you transform into the main lead with costumes and makeup to tell your story and live a dream. Let us know who you hope to be in this episode.

Get into character in a private studio and keep the prints to look back on and share them with your grandchildren some time later. These memories are treasures of the heart.

A transformative experience, just like what love is.  


"... birthday girl was still sighing with happiness on the car ride back..."
- Tan Weiting

"...As a typical Chinese family, my parents don't usually take photos of themselves, let alone dress up for fun shots. But I decided to break that norm and bought this package for them. It made them feel like they were teenagers again in a photobooth ..."
- Wryan Lim

Let's Play
  • Costume Makeup Singapore

    Character Makeup

    You'll begin the makeover with your makeup. We partnered up with one of the best professional makeup artist in town to get you into character from head to toe. And yes, it will be for both him and her.

  • CCM Singapore Costume

    Extensive Character Choices

    Go crazy choosing the costumes that best represent you two. Start exploring from your favourite shows and themes. There is no restriction on what costumes you select from CCM Costume, as long as it fits and you love it.

  • Costume Photo Shoot Private Studio

    Automated Private Setup

    We consulted the experts that shoot Youtube-Style wedding videos to help with this automated setup. Indulge yourselves as there is no reason for you to be camera shy. Groove to your favourite music too.

Celebrate a birthday or anniversary by first wow-ing yourself, then by laughing your heart out. It is a treat.

Share your heart with our Makeup Artists and Costume Stylists to discuss your preferred styles.

We love tailoring the experience for you.

Standard at $488 (2pax)
All inclusive at $888 (2pax)