The Joy of Role Play and Dressing Up

At CCM Costume Rental, we firmly believe in the benefits of role play for learning and the fun of dressing up! Over the years, it has been our great joy to assist both teachers and students with their costumes for events such as 'Book Character Day', 'International Friendship Day', 'Children's Day', 'Teacher's Day', 'Graduation', etc..

To make the process easier for schools, we have simplified our ordering procedure:

  1. Costume Selection & Sizing: Choose your costumes and provide the necessary sizing details.
  2. Quotation & Waiver: Agree to our quotation and complete the refundable waiver form via email.
  3. Delivery or Collection: Either self-collect or opt for delivery of the costumes/mascots.
  4. Return: Self-return or arrange delivery of the costumes/mascots back to us.
  5. Invoice Processing: Our finance team will process the e-invoice promptly on (Vendors@Gov).

We strive to make your costume experience seamless and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing us for your costume needs!

CCM Costume Rental Team