About Us

Welcome to Number 1 Costume Costume, where we believe in the magic of transformation and unforgettable experiences!

Our journey began in 1998 as a cozy family-run costume house. Founded by our very own fairy godmother, who's still creating magic today, our business has grown across two generations. We pride ourselves on being the number one costume destination in town, a title earned through our dedication and passion.

[Our Founder dressed in a Fairy Godmother Costume]

In the early days, before the rise of online giants like Amazon, Shopee, and Taobao, our showroom has always been the go-to place for costume rentals, averaging around $100 per set. Cheap, disposable costumes can now be found online for as little as $20, however we continue to offer costume rentals at $100. Why? Because we believe in quality, personalization, and the joy of a perfectly styled costume.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allow us to provide styling services, convenient rental processes, and alterations to ensure a perfect fit. This commitment to excellence has helped us retain our loyal clients and keep our business thriving.

As pioneers in the costume industry, we are dedicated to helping our clients create unforgettable memories for every event and celebration. We love innovative costume ideas and are always open to exploring new, wacky concepts. If you have a unique idea, let us know—we might just customize a special experience for you!

Thank you for supporting this local costume house. We look forward to bringing a touch of magic to your next event! ❤️

CCM Costume Rental Team