Three tips for Groomsmen planning their Gatecrash outfits.

Most people are not frequent costumes wearers. Therefore, it is normal to feel intimidated by the endless costume choices out there. A good start would be to check if the bride and groom have an overall theme for the wedding. It could be Gatsby, oriental, garden style, etc. That would usually help narrow down the options.

If there isn’t any theme. It is good to find out if the bride and groom have any favourite movie, country, or hobby. Then, expand from there. For example, if they love going to Japan together. The cool option would be for the brothers to dress up in their favourite anime characters, samurais, or Ninjas. The fun-loving option would be for all the brothers to be dressed up in geisha outfits. Boom.

Remember, the objective is always - to impress the bridesmaids.

It is not about being comfortable. Next, budget check: It really depends. Just like everything else, the earlier you begin planning, the cheaper the costumes will cost.

Less than $30/pax
The cheapest option is to DIY. It could also serve as a good bonding session if the groomsmen don’t know each other well enough. Ever seen that series of trending McDonald’s gatecrash? The costumes were handmade with cupboards. Nonetheless, most brothers may not be able to afford the time. The solution would then be to buy or rent.

Less than $50/pax
If the groom and groomsmen have a tight budget, online shops would be the friendlier option. Please put in extra effort to check on the sizes, especially if you’re ordering from China. Often a Uniqlo size L is equivalent to a China size 3XL. Do also remember to buffer for delayed shipping if you choose to do so. A healthy shipping buffer is about 21 days. Additionally, costume houses do offer the service of ordering costumes online on your behalf - if you wish to outsource the risk. Sometimes, the service includes seeing a physical sample before you purchase the remaining sets.

Range of about $50-$150/pax
And if you’re short on time, the best advice would be for the groomsmen to head down to the costume house together to check the fit and select available options from their collection. It is always very helpful and convenient to have the costume stylists to advise on the fit and styles instantly. Usually, you would also be able to find better quality costumes in the costumes houses as they would focus on adding durable costumes to their collection. This option is ideal for groomsmen that are completely devoted to looking ... epic-ly silly or cool for their gatecrash.

Lastly, there have been instances where the bride and groom have too many criteria to fulfil. When that happens, don’t rule out the option of having a costume change! One to march-in and another to play the games and dance. Ultimately, it is all about the love story of the couple. On this day, there will probably be professional photographers as well as videographers. There is no better time to capture the unique story of the bride and groom. Here is a band of brothers, see the contrast of their costume change.

We hope we've inspired you.