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Crocodile D01

Crocodile D01

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An additional $100/ set* Refundable Deposit will be collected via cash/ Paynow prior to costume collection/ delivery. Kindly note that photos are for illustration purposes and actual costume and items may vary.

Shipping Policy

Please select the appropriate shipping method, based on the size and weight of your product. Inappropriate selection of delivery method may result in late/ damaged product delivery and CCM Costume Rental Pte Ltd will not be held accountable in such situations.

Deliveries are scheduled between 11am-2pm during our operational days.

Chat with us to confirm the suitable delivery method for your order. :)

Terms and Conditions


1. Booking Deposit
For advance bookings, a booking deposit equivalent to 100% of the rental rate is payable for each set of costume/service. Upon payment of booking deposit, costume(s) will be set aside for collection date.
This booking deposit/rental fee is not refundable.
2. Payment
All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars unless otherwise stated. All payments are to be made prior to collection.
3. Rental Periods & Refundable Deposits
Rental period begins on the day of collection and must be returned on or before the date specified on rental agreement (invoice).
Refundable Deposits cannot be made via credit card or additional card charges will be paid by client.
By default, all refundable deposits will be refunded to your mobile number we have in possession via paynow, unless instructed otherwise.

Rental terms

Refundable Deposit

Local Rental


Overseas Rentals*


Extended Rentals

*For foreigners (not holding onto any of the following: Singapore IC/PR IC/Employment/S Pass/Work Permit/Dependent’s Pass) a refundable deposit of $300/set of the costume rental rates would be required, depending on the rental period.
4. Late Return
Late return of the costumes would be charged at 100% of rental fee prorate to the extended period applicable where costume set is returned to our showroom.
5. Exchange / Cancellation / Refund
Costumes cannot be changed/ refunded once payment is made to CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. Costume changes before collection would be charged at $10 per set.
No refund of booking deposit would be made for cancellation of costumes; this includes cancellation due to costumes being ill-fitting, change in event theme, cancellation of the function or whatsoever reason.
If any refund is made on an exception basis, admin charges will deducted from the original refund amount.
6. Missing Items, Loss or Damage
Customers or persons collecting on their behalf should check their items thoroughly during collection and advise the shop of any damage, marks, stains, or missing items. CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. will not be liable for the delivery of any missing items. In the case of loss or damage, the customer may be liable for an extra charge to cover the replacement or repair. This is subjected to severity of the damage and prevailing value of item. Any repairable damage(s) would be charged at reasonable market price not exceeding 50% of the prevailing value of the damaged costume. Irreparable damage(s) and loss of items(s) would be charged according to the table below.
Item  Charges
Necklace/ Headband $10-$30
Wig $50
Headgear $30-$100
Props/ Boots $50-$100
Costume $100-$350
Situation  Forfeiture
Late Return 100% of rental fee per 3-days block
Repairable Damage Subjected to severity of damage, reasonable market price not exceeding 50% of the prevailing value of the damaged costume.
Irreparable Damage/ Loss

Prevailing value* of the item(s) OR option for client to replace the missing/ damaged costume with the exact same design within 3 weeks (no charge)

Prevailing value i.e. Umbrella Academy Set ($250) Peaky Blinders Set (3pc suit - $1,000)

7. Rental Bags
Costume and mascot bags should be returned along with the rented items. In the case of failure to return, each carrier, costume cover and mascot bag will be charged $5, $10 and $100 respectively.
8. Alterations
Any fitting alterations, if possible, will be done by CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd., prior to collection of items. If customers should make changes to the costumes on their own, they should not do anything that might cause damage to the costume and are required to inform the staff about any alterations made.
CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to reject alteration requests on delicate fabric types or costumes that may be damaged from the alteration.
9. Costume Fittings
Costume fittings in our showroom are free. However, if a client fits more than 3 sets of costume in a day, a $30/set charge will apply for the 4th set onward, in addition to any costume rental charges.
10. Laundry
Laundry will be done by CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. at no additional cost (one-wash), except where special laundering is required (i.e. stain removal).
You may top up for additional washing requests/ dry cleaning request accordingly, please inform the team one week ahead of your collection and a separate charge will apply.
11. Liabilities
CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. is not responsible for any accident, damage or loss resulting from the use of rental items. Client will be fully liable for costume transported overseas, hiring a third party courier and any related situations.
12. Deliveries
CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. outsource our delivery services to third party courier services. We will note be liable for late/ missing items during the deliveries. On a daily basis, deliveries are scheduled between 11am-2pm.
CCM Costume Rental Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to amend our terms and conditions without any prior notice.

Refund policy

For advance bookings, a booking deposit equivalent to 100% of the rental rate is payable for each set of costume/ service. Upon payment, costume(s) will be set aside for collection date. Should the event be canceled/ order cannot be fulfilled, this deposit is not refundable. 

Kindly reach out to us directly should there be a change of your event date, we will try our best to accommodate the change with the same set of costumes. 

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